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Process Combustion Systems Inc. is an industry leading Combustion Solutions provider.  We specialize in applying cutting edge technology, field service expertise and decades of experience in solving the most critical challenges around Industrial fired equipment.

Process Combustion Systems has been active in North America since 1981, with equipment and solutions provided around the globe.  Over several decades, we have developed a comprehensive range of combustion systems with technologyand reliability at the forefront. Contact Us today.

Our Expertise

We design, build and service industrial combustion systems.

We Supply

Mining & Potash, Oil & Energy, Steel Production, Manufacturing, District Heating & Utilities, Food Production, etc.

We Distribute

High Temperature Burners, Low NOx burners, Combustion Controls, Flame Safety and Burner Management Systems, Fuel Trains, Package Boilers, Rental Boilers, Heat Recovery Products, and Flame Safety Equipment.

Our Partners

PCSI is proud to partner with the following equipment suppliers: Fives Combustion, Babcock & Wilcox Boilers, Fireye Flame Safeguard, E-Tech Heat Recovery Products

Our Projects

“A recognized leader of Custom Engineered Burner Systems in a diverse variety of industrial users and markets”

Multi-Burner / Multi-Boiler

Thermal Oxidizer

Power Engineering Facility

Power Engineering Facility

Recent News

Announcement from our partner, Fives Pillard

Fives Pillard is pleased to announce that we have received in March an order for 3 x PILLARD NANOxFLAM® burners…

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