Process Combustion Systems is a recognized leader of Custom Engineered Burner Systems to a diverse variety of industrial users and markets. In fact, our customer list is just as varied as our application knowledge! Some of our prime markets include: Oil & Gas Processing, Metals, Mining, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Steel-Making, and a host of other Special Fired Applications.  We also supply Engineered Designs and Combustion Equipment for Thermal Fluid and Institutional / Industrial Steam Boiler applications.

Our expertise is in the sizing, selection, and application of burner equipment and burner controls for new and existing systems. A burner is not just simply a fuel and air mixing device; there are many choices. Considerations such as turndown, discharge velocity, radiant energy, premix, nozzle mix, flame geometry, low O2, and NOx production are just some of the parameters distinguishing burner types. Controls include the latest technology in multi-wavelength flame sensors, fuel and air control hardware and software.