Process Combustion Systems Inc. supplies rental boiler and auxiliary equipment solutions for your temporary/emergency steam requirements.

Rental Boiler Fleet:

  • 30,000 PPH to 125,000 PPH saturated steam trailer mounted boilers
  • 60,000 PPH to 110,000 PPH superheated steam trailer mounted boilers
  • 200,000 PPH Superheated Steam Skid Mounted Boiler
  • 48 HP to 1500 HP Skid Mounted Firetube Boilers

Environment Solutions/Backend cleanup:

  • SCR (Selectrive Catalytic Reduction) units (CataStak™ Selective Catalytic Reduction system)

  • Economizers

  • Ammonia Free SCR units

Rental Boiler Readiness:

Process Combustion Systems Inc. will also ensure customers are ready for implementing temporary steam solutions, including helping customers with steam readiness planning, CSA/CRN approvals and commissioning and start-up services.